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Name: Mannu Diwana MD
DOB: 25 April 1986
Team: MDKDMusic

About: MD also known as Mannu Diwana. Both is a Haryanvi , Punjabi, Hindi Language Writer, and Singer. MD was Born on 25 of April 1986 in Gurgaon situated in North Indian State of Haryana. He is rising star in this genre and aims to achieve his milestones in there own way.

MD has dedicated thousands of hours practicing this genre. They are greatly influenced by various legends in the field such as A R Rehman, Bhohimia ,Honey Singh, & Gurdaas Mann. MD & KD are Brainchild of their remarkable Talent.They are working with various company . They oftenly works in Kokila Studio nd Vasu Studio with Satish Sehgal & Parveen Dhiman.They love their fans.

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